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DSSM Total 10X Advantage

A unique design plan/proposal method and a library of completed projects to use and edit for ideas and projects.

An Interior Design Advantage is a combination of three elements for a 10X advantage:

A market or market segment we are aiming to help

  • Residential Interior Decorators. 
  • Residential Architects.
  • Residential Builders.
  • Residential Remodelers.
  • Residential Contractors.
  • Real Estate Agents. 

A job or job to be done

  • create interior design 
  • project proposals

A differentiated value, the added value: 

  • a unique design method using 15 forms to gather information concerning the project
  • creating and forming a solution.

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There are five main reasons why businesses use technology for 10x advantage

To increase revenue

To decrease cost

To lower risk

To increase market share

To increase customer satisfaction

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Creating differentiated value assumptions with interior design software.

In order to compete, startups often need to be a vastly better choice among multiple dimensions: 

  • Ease of use: easy to log in and use our cutting-edge PHP website.
  • Features: easy-to-use forms, easy-to-save data, secure data, unique design method, beautiful print-out forms, use the forms you want.
  • Data: high-quality website
  • Quality: creating for the customer a high-quality solution
  • Price economy: very reasonable cost.
  • Competitors: no competitors. 

More About 10x Method

Different job criteria using interior design software

  • Faster: the design method asks questions, and then great solutions are obtained.
  • More consistency: all the forms are linked and have a similar look.
  • More effective: the user is easily led from form to form.
  • More efficiency: easy to use and save data.
  • Greater predictability: the quality of the solution will create more sales.
  • Higher output: easy to create the design.
  • A low cost: small monthly fee.
  • With fewer risks: no long-term contracts
  • More flexibility: forms have plenty of user choices for inputs.
  • Less downtime: 100%—- 24/7.
  • Less pain: forms are easily accessible.
  • Less frustration: create your designs with forms.
  • Revenue: increased sales with quality forms.
  • Generated quality proposals.
  • Loyalty: always available 24/7.
  • Greater reach: available worldwide for the website.

The reasons to buy Interior Design new technology

  • Increase revenue: sell more with quality design methods and forms.
  • Decrease cost: no extra people forms or software needed.
  • Grow market share: do more proposals.
  • Lower risk: low-cost monthly payment, suitable quality forms.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: complete detailed forms.

Clarifying your Interior Design Advantage

  • Using our solution, they’re able to develop better design spaces, 
  • Using our solution, they’re able to create better project proposals, 
  • Using our solution, they’re able to simply their project paperwork, 
  • Using our solution, they’re able to meet their sales objectives.

Who should purchase Interior Design Software?

  • People who are actively looking for a competitive edge. 
  • People who want to use new technology. 
  • People who exert some technological leadership in their companies. 
  • People who have a greater tolerance for risks than most other colleagues. 
  • People who will use a new, unique product. 
  • People who are willing to accept a new solution if those solutions are improvements over their current solutions. 
  • People who want to be seen as problem solvers.
  • 15 software forms for interior design

10X Advantage is actually a design method for those who desire success. Seriously, if there is an end-all or be-all, then this is it.

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The 10X Advantage establishes the proper levels of effort and thinking that ensure success and ensure that you continue operating at those levels throughout your design career.

This method will even liquefy fears, boost your courage and confidence in yourself, stop procrastination and insecurities, and provide you with a great sense of purpose that will rejuvenate your life, dreams, and goals.

The 10X Advantage is a single method that all top achievers will start using for interior design projects.

Regardless of how you define success, this method will show you how to guarantee the attainment of it with any project and in any situation or economy.

The first item that has to occur is for you to adjust your creative thinking to 10X levels and your positive actions to 10X Advantage quantities.

Mastering the 10X Advantage: A Blueprint for Success in Interior Design and Real Estate

This method will show you how 10X Advantage thoughts and actions will make your life more comfortable and more enjoyable and will provide you with additional time.

After completing a lifetime on the ‘floor and remodeling business of 52 years plus the ‘real estate business,’ I know 10X Advantage is the one ingredient that all successful people know and use in order to achieve the lives they desire.

The design method will show you how to define the correct details, accurately evaluate the effort needed, sense how to approach your projects with the proper frame of mind, and then decide how much action to take. You will notice why success is assured when you operate within the impressive parameters of the 10X Advantage, and you will finally understand this concept.

By not following this method, it could be the primary reason why most people never achieve success in the interior design business. You will discover for the first time the mistakes people make when designing spaces/rooms or whole houses. Discovering this method could provide a single chance for your business goals to become reality.

You also learn how to figure out the precise right amount of knowledge necessary to accomplish any design project of any size.

Finally, I will show you how to make a habit and the necessity of using the 10 X Advantage. And trust me, once you are accomplishing so, success won’t just be secured; it will persist to percolate and pate itself, literally, making more and virtually unstoppable triumphs.

The 10X Advantage is an education, not a gift, talent, or good fortune. It does require some unique personality traits and is available to anyone who wants to employ. The 10X Advantage will cost you a small monthly fee and gain you everything you have ever wanted.

It is the way that individuals and companies should approach the creation of interior design for all. I will show you how to make the 10X Advantage a way of life and the only way to handle design projects. It will permit you to be noticed among your design peers and the design industry in which you work.

It will force others to see you as nearly superhuman and extraordinaire in your efforts and your dedication to success.

They will acknowledge your status as a role model, not just in words of professional achievement but how to celebrate life to its fullest.

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Unlocking Success: The Power of the 10X Advantage in Design and Business

The actual supervises and mystifies the sensation of what success is and what it endures to be successful. You are using this design method to set your target high enough in both personal and professional aspects of your life.

Sound crazy?

It’s not, and you will actually see this when you start operating with the 10X Advantage.
Your goals will transform, and the practical actions you take will ultimately start to match who you indeed are and what you are really qualified to do.

You will start taking action, followed by more actions, and will achieve what you set out to do, regardless of the conditions and situations you face. The single most important contributor to success I have created in my own life came as the development of this design method with a 10X Advantage.

These concepts of interior design haven’t been taught in schools, management classes, leadership training, or weekend conferences during trade shows. I discovered this method while trying to figure out how the interior design method works.
Most of my time was spent selling and installing flooring, plus working on remodeling projects.

No design formality existed, at least that I could find any book that determines the correct estimation of effort to develop a proper design. I had to create my design method.

If you have sufficient levels of motivation, work ethic, and follow-up, you can easily follow the simple design ideas. If your goal is to improve or to build the most dynamic company in the world, this design method will help you.

You will be required to use the 10X Advantage and the proper actions to get there.

This method is a matter of design education, then using your talent, finding connections, developing a good personality, searching for projects, spending a small amount of money, using DSSM technology, and being in the right place at the right time to take Advantage of the design method.

In most cases in which someone has completed massive levels of success, I will guarantee that they operated using an advantage; this method is my 10X Advantage to you for design projects.
Another component that is demanded for success is the capacity to estimate the correct quantity of effort required for you and your team to achieve a goal.

By using the exact level of effort needed, you will guarantee the achievement of these.
Everyone comprehends how important it is to establish goals; however, many people fail to accomplish so because they underestimate the amount of action necessary to achieve that goal.

Establishing the correct targets, estimating the manager’s effort, and operating at the proper levels of action are the only things that will guarantee success and that will allow you to blast through business cliché, competition, client, resistance, economic challenges, risk, ovation, and even fear of failure while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams.

The 10X Advantage will ensure victory regardless of your aptitude, education, financial situation, organizational skills, time management, the place you were in, or the amount of luck you have.
The Design Spread Sheet software will help your life and your dreams materialize, and you will understand how to operate at a new, higher level than you’ve ever thought possible.

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What is the 10X Advantage?

The 10X Advantage is the one thing that will guarantee that you will get what you want in an amount more significant than you ever thought imaginable.

You can work in every area of design and remodeling.

The 10X Advantage has been based on the understanding of how much effort and thought are required to get anything done successfully.

Suppose you look back over your years of life.

In that case, you’ll see that you have really underestimated both the actions and the reasoning necessary to accomplish any endeavor if you are to the point where it could be labeled successful.

I have been developing this method for over two decades and have found that, although there is much agreement about the color scheme, materials, and space planning, I’ve never been clear on the one thing that really makes the difference.

Everyone says just be organic or never use or develop an actual plan or method.

Decoding Success: The 10X Mindset that Transformed My Design Journey

I have been asked many times at breakfast clubs and interviews:

What is the one quality action mindset that will ensure a person creates success?

This question has nagged me to understand different ideas of success:

One thing in my own life that made a difference?
What one thing have I done that made the most significant difference?

I am not a Straight A+ person from schooling, and I haven’t been connected to the right people.
What made me successful in developing this design method?

As I look back over the 52 years of being self-employed, one thing that was most consistent with the success I achieved was that I always put forth TEN times the amount of activity that other people did. I developed this method after trying to find a way to design the spaces/rooms that my clients wanted carpeted or remodeled.

I copyrighted this method in 2015 with my book, “Core5Plus, A Framework for Design”.

My new “15 Software Forms for Interior Design” has adjusted some of the book concepts to the updated DSSM method.

I am just now developing the company to promote this method of design.

Many people are many times more successful, at least financially than I am.

I am not like the famous Warren Buffett, inspiring Steve Jobs, or one of the founders of impressive Facebook or amazing Google,

The reason why I didn’t create extraordinary levels of income is because I violated the second part of the 10X Advantage: the 10X Advantage is a way of thought.

That would be my singular remorse: failing to approach my business with the right mindset; I would have actually set targets that were ten times what I had drained up in the beginning.
But, like you, I am working on it now, and I still have a few years to correct this.

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This design method will assist you with design success.

Before you say, I don’t need any method to achieve success, or success is not everything, or I want to be happy, or whatever else you may be the moment to yourself at this very moment, understand something: in order to get to the next level of whatever you’re doing you must think and act in a different way than you previously had been.

You cannot get to the next phase of an undertaking without a grander mindset, additional acceleration, and supplementary horsepower.

Your ideas and actions are the reasons you are where you are currently.

So, it would be appropriate to suspect both.

Once you attain this desire, it becomes whether you can maintain, multiply, and repeat this action in order to sustain that result.

Although success can describe an accomplishment, people usually don’t study success in terms of anything they have done.

They go at it with the mind towards something they’re seeking to do.

Although success can describe an accomplishment, people usually don’t study success in terms of anything they have done. They go at it with the mind towards something they’re seeking to do.

An interesting thing about success is that it is like a breath of air or your last breath of air; it’s essential, but it is not nearly as important as the next one.

No matter how much you have already accomplished, you will desire to continue making achievements in the future.

If you quit trying to succeed, it is likely to live the rest of your life off the last breath of air. Things change; nothing remains as it is; for things to be maintained, they require attention and action.
This design method will help you succeed.