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DSSM — Core5Plus: A Framework for Design

DSSM Total 10X Advantage

A unique design plan/proposal method and a library of completed projects to use and edit for ideas and projects.

An Interior Design Advantage is a combination of three elements for a 10X solution:

A market or market segment we are aiming to help

  • Residential Interior Decorators. 
  • Residential Architects.
  • Residential Builders.
  • Residential Remodelers.
  • Residential Contractors.
  • Real Estate Agents. 

A job or job to be done

  • create interior design 
  • project proposals

A differentiated value, the added value: 

  • a unique design method using 15 forms to gather information concerning the project
  • creating and forming a solution.

There are five main reasons why businesses use technology for 10x Solutions

To increase revenue

To decrease cost

To lower risk

To increase market share

To increase customer satisfaction

Creating differentiated value assumptions with interior design software.

In order to compete, startups often need to be a vastly better choice among multiple dimensions: 

  • Ease of use: easy to log in and use our cutting-edge PHP website.
  • Features: easy-to-use forms, easy-to-save data, secure data, unique design method, beautiful print-out forms, use the forms you want.
  • Data: high-quality website
  • Quality: creating for the customer a high-quality solution
  • Price economy: very reasonable cost.
  • Competitors: no competitors. 

More About 10x Method

Different job criteria using interior design software

  • Faster: the design method asks questions, and then great solutions are obtained.
  • More consistency: all the forms are linked and have a similar look.
  • More effective: the user is easily led from form to form.
  • More efficiency: easy to use and save data.
  • Greater predictability: the quality of the solution will create more sales.
  • Higher output: easy to create the design.
  • A low cost: small monthly fee.
  • With fewer risks: no long-term contracts
  • More flexibility: forms have plenty of user choices for inputs.
  • Less downtime: 100%—- 24/7.
  • Less pain: forms are easily accessible.
  • Less frustration: create your designs with forms.
  • Revenue: increased sales with quality forms.
  • Generated quality proposals.
  • Loyalty: always available 24/7.
  • Greater reach: available worldwide for the website.

The reasons to buy Interior Design new technology

  • Increase revenue: sell more with quality design methods and forms.
  • Decrease cost: no extra people forms or software needed.
  • Grow market share: do more proposals.
  • Lower risk: low-cost monthly payment, suitable quality forms.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: complete detailed forms.

Clarifying your Interior Design Advantage

  • Using our solution, they’re able to develop better design spaces, 
  • Using our solution, they’re able to create better project proposals, 
  • Using our solution, they’re able to simply their project paperwork, 
  • Using our solution, they’re able to meet their sales objectives.

Who should purchase Interior Design Software?

  • People who are actively looking for a competitive edge. 
  • People who want to use new technology. 
  • People who exert some technological leadership in their companies. 
  • People who have a greater tolerance for risks than most other colleagues. 
  • People who will use a new, unique product. 
  • People who are willing to accept a new solution if those solutions are improvements over their current solutions. 
  • People who want to be seen as problem solvers.
  • 15 software forms for interior design