We have a proven ‘3 Paths after Certification’ to become an Interior Designer/ Contractor!

Boyd Wichman

Margaret Wichman

We have a proven
“3 Paths after Certification”
using Design Spread Sheet Software
to become an Interior Decorator/Contractor!!

  1. Certified Decorator—to be an employee of Interior Design Company/ Flooring/Builder/Remodeling company.
  2. Certified Decorator/Contractor— to own your business as a Decorator/Contractor for homeowners or other contractors.
  3. Certified Salesperson—to promote the Design Spread Sheet Method for new students to train and become successful

This could be YOU!

“So easy to use software!
Olathe Kansas


Work as a Certified Interior
Decorator for a Company

Get the BEST Training with DSS


Work as a Certified Interior
Decorator/Contractor for yourself

Get the BEST Design with DSS


Work as Salesperson
Design Spread Sheet Co

Get the BEST Income with DSS


It is complicated for other interior design training companies but not for Design Spreadsheet!

Looking for Certification as an interior decorator/contractor takes too much time and energy for a two or 4-year degree for many other companies. Also, It takes too much work and money.

The good news, we have a better plan for you.

We simply teach what you need to know to create a design project.

This could be YOU!

“We are using the BEST design methods!”
– Los Angeles, California


Welcome to The Design Spread Sheet Method! At The Design Spread Sheet Method (DSSM), we offer an online Interior Decorator/ Contractor Course. You can study at home since our course is provided online, then you can learn on your own time and at your own pace. Many people worldwide use online education; it is now the preferred study method. The Design Spread Sheet Method (DSSM) has developed a unique study and use platform and a creative course to provide you with everything you need to become successful in this exciting business.

You will receive:

  • As a successful interior decorator/contractor, we will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to create interior design projects for homes.
  • We provide extensive support from various information, projects, and people.
  • Your tutor will help you from 9 am – 9 pm every day, seven days a week.
  • Your project submission will get personalized feedback.
  • We have a Facebook group designed specifically for our students.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee from the day you enroll.

This could be YOU!

“We love this program for Kitchen design!”
– Springfield, Illinois

Our Philosophy

We consider good design achievable, and everyday experiences should be improved by the beauty and attitude of your surroundings. Not everyone has time to study a 2-4 year degree, full-time course at university. So in 2022, we created the ultimate online system in interior design. It caters to all three groups: those on the move, the go-getters with a side business, and the stay-at-home moms and dads who want to learn how to renovate their own homes or prepare themselves for new careers.

We provide the technical and practical skills necessary to translate design ideas into reality. Our commitment to providing a quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems that have produced unparalleled results. Not only is our program unique and interactive, but it’s fun and inspiring and provides you with the skills to start your own business! You can go out and design any space with our design method.

This could be YOU!

“Very easy to sell projects with this software!”
– New York, NY

Be a SUCCESSFUL Decorator/Contractor!

This course isn’t like other Interior design Courses.Those courses just provide essential information.

This course is an Interior Design Method, Easy to Use and Easy to Make an Income!

Our goal is for a client to become an Interior Decorator/Contractor or Interior Decorator/Home Remodeling, Salesperson. LIFETIME ACCESS + all future upgrades! 

Want to create and sell your profitable interior design projects in just two weeks?

Join ‘How To be an Interior Decorator/Contractor with an Online Training Course,’ 

and finally, get it DONE!

Need more than two weeks? 


No worries! 

You get LIFETIME access to this course, including all future upgrades!

Please take advantage of this offer before it runs out! 

  • Lifetime Access Now For: $199.

Follow my step-by-step 

Design Spread Sheet Method to create and sell fantastic interior design projects! 

This online self-study course will show you EXACTLY how to create and sell your interior design projects.

Introducing… Boyd Wichman’s acclaimed “Design Spread Sheet Method.”

Over 118,000 words in the course, 22 Sections of information and forms

This course is not tiny. Plus…It includes a 100-question Test for course knowledge.

The software application for Design Proposals and Estimates is a unique Five (5) step method.

No other software company has its Software for Design Proposals.


This program will change your life in just two weeks!


Learn from a QUALIFIED Interior Decorator/Contractor with 50 years of experience.

Hi! I’m Boyd! I have been a Flooring Salesperson and Contractor for 50 years since 1972, a Residential Remodeler for 20 years since 2001, an Investor in Multi-family real estate for 14 years, a Real Estate Salesperson since 1973, and a Graduate of Kansas State University with an Accounting Degree in 1979. 

You are in the hands of a genuine education professional.

Boyd Wichman


Interior Design Online Course

“Design Spread Sheet Method”

I remember when my first online course was just an idea in 2002. 

How excited I was at converting my ideas with a DESIGN METHOD to expand my projects and impact my business, allowing me to reach thousands of people. Now I want to help more people learn my interior design method so they, too, can create interiors for thousands of people.

But I also remember the feeling of being completely overwhelmed… I remember thinking, ‘WOW, I have SO much to SHARE to create a USABLE course.’

In 2013, I wrote a book called ‘Core5Plus, a Framework for Design’. Which is available on Amazon, This course expands on these ideas.

But – using a simple process to follow, I have created an Online Certified Training Course and a 5-STEP DESIGN METHOD SOFTWARE that made it all possible for ANYONE to follow……

Even if you are not ‘techie’ at ALL, and ….even if you haven’t any technical or college courses or training!

I’ve used this method on my clients for over TWO DECADES

The DESIGN METHOD fully materialized in the past two years of development.


Whatever your trade or products are – you CAN use this course to help thousands of people.

As an experienced business owner, I have created a unique design system for interior design courses that ENSURES you will succeed.


Join my course online, study the material, take the 100-question test and then complete the 5-form room/space project. You can profit (and change people’s lives) in just two weeks!

I have completed over 2,000 projects in my flooring and remodeling business in 5 different states.

The sense of satisfaction, pleasure, and purpose that comes from helping individuals on this scale is life-changing and soul-filling.

ANYONE can do this, too – you need to get certified with this course!

Ready to turn your design knowledge into an income-generating product?


Don’t Leave That Online Course On Your ‘To-Do’ List ANY Longer!…

This USABLE online course, taught by a QUALIFIED specialist, Boyd Wichman, will take you through every step.

I will guide you through every phase to complete an engaging, income-generating online course in just Two Weeks!

The Design Spread Sheet Course:

In Section #1, Design Course


  • Overview, What is Vertical Software?
  • Main thought, A Framework for Design
  • Core5Plus Overview, A Method to Organize Space
  • 12 Principles, Help to Design the Space
  • Floor Plan, Ideas for a Tangible form 

In Section #2, Floor Plan Pictures


  • Kitchen – sample Floor Plan
  • Kitchen /Dining – sample Floor Plan
  • Kitchen/Dining/Family – sample Floor Plan
  • Kitchen/Dining/Living – sample Floor Plan
  • Living Room – sample Floor Plan
  • Bedroom – sample Floor Plan
  • Bathroom – sample Floor Plan
  • Office /Work Space – sample Floor Plan
  • Entry – sample Floor Plan

In Section #3, Basic Design Style

  • Functional, Function should Follow Form
  • Traditional, A Timeless Option
  • Modern, Devising New Norms
  • Contemporary, Monochromaticity, Comfort, and Simple
  • Design Style Comparison of the 4 Basic Styles
  • Main Styles, 23 Styles
  • 70/30 Style, Division method for 2 Styles

In Section #4, Design Approaches


  • DSSM Design Approaches comment, Looking at the Choices
  • Fine-tune, the Existing Project
  • Create Superior, Elements for their Project
  • Challenge Existing, Components in the Project
  • Limited, Time, Skills, or Money for the Projectv6

In Section #5, Guidelines


  • Mechanical, Electrical, and mechanical component
  • Environmental /Sustainable, Environmentally pleasant, and healthful spaces
  • Human Factors, Design using human factors


In Section #6, Color Solutions


  • 60/30/10 color, Balanced color scheme palette
  • Color Chart, 4 Color Charts
  • Psychology Color Chart, Meaning, and Feng Shui element
  • Color Schemes, 17 Color Schemes
  • Design Color Schemes, Neutral, Light, Medium, and Dark colors


In Section #7, Item Information


  • Item Details, Items explanations

In Section #8, Basic Spaces

  • Spaces, Room Explanations
  • Kitchen, Space Details
  • Primary Bath, Space Details
  • Living Room, Space Details
  • Dining Room, Space Details
  • Primary Bedroom, Space Details
  • Entry, Space Details
  • Work Areas, Space Details
  • Children’s Bedroom, Space Details
  • Bedroom, Space Details
  • Bathroom, Space Details


In Section #9, Project Game Changers

  • Project Game Changers comment, a Newly introduced Element


In Section #10, Design Triangle

  • Three main parts of a Space 


In Section #11, Core5Plus

  • 4 Approach Form, Basis for the Whole Course
  • Kitchen, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Dining Room, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Living/Great, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Entry/hall, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Work/office/study, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Bedroom Child, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Bedroom Primary, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Bedroom Adult, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Bath, Explanation of Core5Plus Method
  • Bath Primary
  • Explanation of Core5Plus Method


In Section #12, Core5plus 4 Approaches

  • 4 Approach Bids together, Residential spaces
  • Kitchen, Form
  • Dining, Form
  • Living/Great-Family/Sun-porch/Recreation, Form
  • Hall/Entry, Form, Form
  • Work/office/study, Form
  • Bedroom Adult/Child-Primary, Form
  • Bath/Bath Primary, Form

In Section #13, Functionality

  • How to improve the functionality of your interior design
  • How to design a functional and inviting space?
  • Functional and Decorative
  • Guide to Design Multi-functional environment space
  • Tips for Creating a Functional and Comfortable interior
  • What Are The Fundamental Principles For Space Planning?
  • What Is Functional Space Planning?
  • What is the link between space and space functions?


In Section #14, Floor Plan and Planning

  • What is Interior Design Space Planning?
  • How to Make a Floor Plan?
  • The definitive guide to Interior Planning
  • How To Design A Multi-Functional Space?
  • What Is An Open Floor Plan?
  • What Are The Merits Of An Open Floor Plan?
  • Why Do Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans?
  • What is space planning in Interior Design?
  • What Are The Demerits Of An Open Floor Plan?
  • Space Planning Methods
  • Open Floor Plan
  • The link between space and function


In Section #15, Principles

  • The eight most crucial principles
  • What is the best way to measure your space?
  • What is item Character?
  • What does it mean when you say “contextual fit”?
  • What exactly is Unity?
  • What is Character?
  • Home Decorating Rules to Ignore


In Section #16, Focal Point

  • Focal Point Questions


In Section #17, Accessories

  • How to Choose Accessories

In Section #18, Decorating

  • Easy Design Visuals
  • Home Decorating Rules to Ignore


In Section #19, Patterns and Prints

  • How to Utilize Patterns And Prints in a space


In Section #20, Color

  • Layering for Successful Schemes
  • Six Articles on Painting
  • Choosing a Color
  • Whole House Color Schemes
  • Color Ideas for Interior Trim


In Section #21, Nature Inspired

  • A Natural Oasis
  • Nature-Inspired Haven In Your Home


In Section #22, Extra Articles

  • Layout ideas for the Living Room
  • Trends for Interior Design

Learning how to create an interior design project; this knowledge and certificate is a skill and achievement that will serve you for life and can transform your life.

Yours today for JUST $199 (USD)!

This course will help thousands of people who (currently work or want to work) in paint stores, wallpaper and blind/drapery stores, furniture and accessories stores, flooring stores, lighting stores, cabinet stores, home remodeling companies, kitchen/bath remodelers, antique/vintage stores. And other business owners to turn their knowledge, expertise, passion, and hobbies into income-generating businesses while making a positive difference in the world.

If you’re ready to get your online education and certification, then (start designing interiors); this ‘get it done…with this practical online course (developed by a QUALIFIED with 50+ years of experience professional) will help you get there step by step.


Whether you’re a total beginner with no idea (what or where) you even want to design yet, or an experienced expert in your field – this course has everything you need to start helping others with their projects and making money after the next Two Weeks! 


Three easy ways to pay for the course:

Paid-in-full, or six payments, or 24 payments!!!


We know how frustrating it is to become a certified Interior Decorator/Contractor! There are many schools to choose from: on location and online. It is frustrating to rent an apartment in a faraway city with the added expense of travel, utilities, etc. The tuition and books expenses will cause a student to take out school loans to pay for all these expenses.

Boyd Wichman has written our interior Decorator/ Contractor method. He has been in the flooring/remodeling business since 1972 when he started selling carpets for a store in Topeka, Kansas, when he was 21. Then Boyd went on the road for a carpet manufacturer selling to dealers in Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois. While still in the flooring business, he studied and passed the test to receive his Real Estate license for Kansas and Missouri. Boyd started a flooring business in 1975 at Manhattan, Kansas, when Mr. Wichman returned to college to get his BA in Business/ Accounting. After completing his degree in Business in 1979, he moved his flooring business and real estate license to Kansas City. Margaret, Boyd’s wife, started being involved in the industry in 1986. Boyd and Margaret have sold flooring, remodeling, and real estate for 50 years.

We have worked with people from many great companies!


This could be YOU!

“So easy to use”
-Chicago. Illinois

Our Course

Our online course consists of 22 sections of study articles and one skill-based project, and 1 test. A student should be able to complete the course in (1-2 weeks, but we allow 12 months) but if more time is needed, the time limit can be extended. During this time, you will be educated in all aspects of interior design by a highly experienced professional interior designer and educator. 

Our advanced course was written by Boyd Wichman, who has 50 years of experience in interior design/ flooring/ remodeling/ real estate. The focus of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for a career as an interior decorator/contractor. To help you acquire this, you will be assigned a personal tutor for this course who can help you.

This could be YOU!

“We love the updated design templates!”
-Overland Park,


Previous experience in the interior design/construction field is NOT necessary to begin this excellent course. 

Our course has been developed for :

  • Individuals who wish to practice interior design/contractor as a source of income
  • Expand their existing knowledge of design and sell more projects
  • Become a salesperson to use this design method

 You will be required to:

  • Create one new project using the Design Spread Sheet Method
  • Pass a test to determine if you have mastered the design basics

Optional requirements:

  • submit diagrams
  • floor plans
  • mood boards
  • sample boards 
  • color schemes 
  • illustrated plans during the course.

We only require that you have a computer with access to the internet. You bring all your excitement and desire to succeed in making an excellent living by creating interior design projects. All the course materials and tutors can be available from a Mac or PC, but a desktop or laptop computer is best to use the application.


The Design Spread Sheet Method:

CERTIFICATION: pass a written 100-question multiple choice test and complete one project using the 10-step interior design method

Design Spread Sheet wants to show you how to design and sell home remodeling projects.

Interior Designers’ income range between:

$21,000 – $85,000 with an average of $54,000 a year

Home Remodeling salesperson’s income range between:

$80,000 – $150,000

Our goal is for a client to become an Interior Decorator/Contractor or Interior Decorator/Home Remodeling, Salesperson.

interior 2

Design Spread Sheet Method has:

  • complete interior design system,
  • easy to use to create a design space,
  • simple to explain design ideas to clients,
  • makes a sales proposal to show the client,
  • the proposal is linked to material and labor estimates.

Five Interior Design Forms:

Driving Forces form 1: This form discovers ideas and information about the client’s needs and desires concerning the interior design project.

Core5Plus Design form 2: This form helps to choose items, styles, and colors for the space/room.

Proposal form 3: This form selects items for the space/room for each of the 3 Design Triangle areas.

Materials Estimate form 4: This form provides the cost of materials for the space/room.

Labor Estimate form 5: This form provides the labor cost for the space/room.

Design Spread Sheet Method is looking for Companies and Individuals to use the design method in their business.


Advantages and Disadvantages of DSSM Business Partners Users with Design Spread Sheet Method

Learn about a Business Relationship Agreement’s advantages and disadvantages for DSSM Business Partners and Design Spread Sheet Method.

If you’re looking to start or expand a business, one of the considerations and questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want to create an independent company or a Business Relationship Agreement

When considering if you want to get involved with a Business Relationship Agreement, you need to weigh all the benefits of a Business Relationship Agreement and all the potential risks you might face. 

In this guide, we’ll outline these pros and cons so you can decide if Business Relationship Agreement is the right move for you.

Advantages of DSSM Business Partner with the Design Spread Sheet Method.

The DSSM Business Partner is the buyer who purchases the brand/use rights from the Design Spread Sheet Method (the brand owner). The DSSM Business Partner pays a Training/Certification fee to the Design Spread Sheet Method for the rights to use their brand and ongoing Business Relationship Agreement monthly fees for using web-based software. The DSSM Business Partner has no financial ownership with or Design Sheet Sheet, LLC.

1. Business Assistance

One of the benefits of a Business Relationship Agreement for the DSSM Business Partner is the business assistance they receive from the Design Spread Sheet Method.

Depending on the business relationship agreement’s terms and the business’s structure, the DSSM Business Partner will receive a unique business operation software method. 

Design Spread Sheet Method may provide the brand, the software, training videos, and the advertising plan—essentially everything they need to operate the business.

All DSSM Business Partners provide the knowledge and wisdom of the Design Spread Sheet Method

The information and knowledge are placed in a searchable, digital knowledge base or is a phone number to directly contact the Design Spread Sheet Method. The DSSM Business Partner has access to knowledge of business assistance to direct them through the process of owning and managing a business. This knowledge is essential to operate a successful business and makes it much easier than starting a business from scratch.

The Design Spread Sheet Method will provide the following:

  • Access to all the Certificate materials for trained individuals 
  • Sample completed space forms for individuals to use for learning and selling projects
  • Training videos and in-person to increase your skills in designing and selling the project
  • All interior design space/room forms: Discovery, Information, Proposal, Estimate, and Invoice forms.
  • Access to these items by using the individual’s Certification code.

2. Brand recognition

Brand recognition is a significant benefit a DSSM Business Partner receives when opening a Business Relationship Agreement

If you start a business from the beginning, you would have to assemble your brand and customer base from the foundation up, which would take a while.

On the other hand,  DSSM Business Partners are well-known businesses with established customer bases or new startup businesses. 

/So when you open a  DSSM Business Partner with this recognizable branding, people will automatically know what your business is, what you provide, and what they can expect./

Identify your niche:

  • The niche is residential new and remodeling projects.
  • The Design Spread Sheet Method has a unique design procedure that helps the decorator identify the wants and needs of the customer’s space.
  • Our decorators can work alone or with the customer to find the right design for their space project. 

Establish strong brand identity: Design Spread Sheet has an easily recognizable image with a strong brand identity, using a logo, brand colors, blogs, infographics, and pictures.

Share your business story: the author’s unique story of being an interior decorator/contractor was the reason for the design forms to guide the decorator and client to the best design choices for the project.

Apply marketing techniques: SEO strategies to build Google ranking and awareness, blogs with great content, advertisements or Google and Facebook, 

 3. Lower failure rate

DSSM Business Partners will generally have a lower failure rate than solo businesses. 

When an individual or business buys into a  DSSM Business Partner, they join a successful brand and a network that will offer them support and advice, making it less likely they’ll go out of business.

Design Spread Sheet Method has already proven its business concept, so you have the reassurance that the products or services you’ll be offering are in demand.

Joining a Company and a method: Great support and advice will keep your business making sales and money.

4. Buying power

Another benefit of  DSSM Business Partners is the sheer size of the network. 

If you’re operating a standalone business and need to order products or supplies to make your products, you’re paying more money per item because your order is relatively small.

However, a DSSM Business Partners network can purchase goods at a deep discount by buying in bulk. 

The Design Spread Sheet Method can use the network size to negotiate deals from which every  DSSM Business Partner benefits. 

A lower cost of goods lowers the overall operating costs of the  DSSM Business Partner.

5. Profits

In general,  DSSM Business Partners see higher profits than independently established businesses. Most  DSSM Business Partners have recognizable brands that bring customers in droves. 

This popularity can result in higher profits. 

Even  DSSM Business Partners that require an initial investment for training/certification for the  DSSM Business Partner will see a high return on investment.

More customer information: more customers will share their knowledge concerning their design projects.

More design proposals: more proposals can be developed in a short period.

More sales: more information and proposals should increase sales and profit.

6. Lower risk

Starting a business is risky. 

This risky business is actual whether a business owner is opening an independent business or purchasing a  DSSM Business Partner

The risk is lower when opening as a  DSSM Business Partner.

DSSM Business Partner owners face lower risk than independent business owners because of the  DSSM Business Partner network. 

This lower risk may also make it easier to access loans, including the best SBA loans, to help you launch your business.6

7. Built-in customer base

One of the biggest struggles of any new business is finding customers. 

 DSSM Business Partners, on the other hand, come with instant brand recognition and a loyal customer base. 

Even if you’re opening the first branch of a  DSSM Business Partner in a small town, the likelihood is that potential customers are already familiar with the brand from exposure to web commercials or travel to other cities.

8. Be your own boss

Being your boss is one of the most significant benefits of owning a business. 

When starting a  DSSM Business Partner business, you get to be your own boss with the increased benefit of receiving support from the  DSSM Business Partner knowledge base.

Owning a business is hard work, but when you’re your boss, you can create your schedule, have autonomy over your career, and potentially work from home.

 DSSM Business Partner gives you the benefit of being your boss without the risk of starting your own independent business.

9. Hiring Salespeople

This hiring will be a significant focus for the  DSSM Business Partner to find people to talk to potential customers about their home project needs. The goal is to speak to 3-4 new people daily to ask them about their home remodeling needs. The  DSSM Business Partner will need to hire many people to help them with this goal. Hiring salespeople also can be a source of income from the Certified Training cost.

  • DSSM Business Partner commission will be 25% of the Certified Training cost.
  • DSSM Business Partner commission will be 25% of the Monthly Forms access cost.

Disadvantages of DSSM Business Partner for the Design Spread Sheet Method

While DSSM Business Partner has many advantages, there are disadvantages. Let us explain further.

1. Restricting regulations

While a Design Spread Sheet Method allows the  DSSM Business Partners to be their boss, they’re only partially in control of their business, and they need to take into account the opinion of the Design Spread Sheet Method.

The most frustrating disadvantage for most  DSSM Business Partners is that they must follow the restrictions in the  DSSM Business Partners agreement. 

The Design Spread Sheet Method can exert a degree of control over most of the Business Relationship Agreements and decisions made by the  DSSM Business Partner.

2. Hiring Salespeople

This hiring will be a significant focus for the  DSSM Business Partner to find people to talk to potential customers about their home project needs. The goal is to speak to 3-4 new people daily to ask them about their home remodeling needs. The  DSSM Business Partner will need to hire many people to help them with this goal. Hiring salespeople also can be a source of income from the Certified Training cost.

  • DSSM Business Partner commission will be 25% of the Certified Training cost.
  • DSSM Business Partner commission will be 25% of the Monthly Forms access cost.

Depending on the Business Relationship Agreement, the Design Spread Sheet Method can control any of these aspects of the business:

  • Business location… No restrictions.
  • Hours of operation… No restrictions.
    • Holidays… No restrictions.
    • Pricing… No restrictions.
    • Signage… No restrictions.
    • Layout… No restrictions.
    • Decor… No restrictions.
    • Products… No restrictions.
  • Advertising and marketing… No restrictions.
  • Resale conditions… No restrictions.
  • Hiring People… No restrictions.
  • Software Usage…Each individual using the software must be Certified and trained by The training fee of the users must be paid, with a monthly fee for usage. The  DSSM Business Partner or the employee may pay the training fee and monthly usage.

These restrictions are implemented to maintain uniformity between the different  DSSM Business Partners and the overall brand. Still, they can be frustrating and feel limiting for the  DSSM Business Partner.

3. Initial cost

While the initial investment of the  DSSM Business Partner fee buys a lot of benefits for the  DSSM Business Partner, it can also be costly—especially if you’re joining a well-known and profitable Design Spread Sheet Method

While this often translates to more significant profits, coming up with this initial money can strain any small business owner.

Even if you opt for a low-cost  DSSM Business Partner, you’ll likely still have to front a few thousand dollars. 

While this can be seen as a disadvantage of  DSSM Business Partners, it’s essential to weigh the opportunity against the initial investment and find the right balance for your business. 

And keep in mind there are also  DSSM Business Partner financing options to help you come up with this initial cost. The  DSSM Business Partner is self-employed or a company; the Design Spread Sheet Method or or Design Spreadsheet, LLC pays NO expenses incurred by the  DSSM Business Partner. has three methods of payment for the initial training certification:

  • Paid-in-Full…$199
  • Six monthly payments
  • 24 monthly payments

4. Ongoing investment

In addition to the initial investment you’ll have to provide to start your  DSSM Business Partner, there are additional, ongoing costs unique to the Business Relationship Agreement

Within the Business Relationship Agreement, the ongoing costs of the  DSSM Business Partner should be enumerated. 

These costs might include royalty fees, advertising costs, and a charge for training services.

You’ll want to keep these ongoing fees in mind when deciding whether to start a franchise.

Access to design forms: a monthly fee of $100.00

Royalty fees…no fees.

Advertising fees…no fees.

Training fees…just the original training fees for certification.

Optional Training fees…there may be a fee for additional training.

Optional Event fees…there may be a fee for additional events.

Optional Marketing fees…there may be a fee for additional marketing.


5. Potential for conflict

While one of the benefits of owning a  DSSM Business Partner is the network of support you receive, it also has the potential for conflict. 

Any close Business Relationship Agreement, especially when there’s an imbalance of power, comes with a risk that the parties will get along.

While a Business Relationship Agreement states the expectations of the Design Spread Sheet Method and the DSSM Business Partner, the  DSSM Business Partner has minimal power to enforce the Agreement without a costly legal battle. 

Whether it’s a lack of support or simply a clash of personalities, the closeness of the business relationship between the Design Spread Sheet Method and  DSSM Business Partner is rife for conflict. 

Design Spread Sheet Method should screen all potential  DSSM Business Partners before entering into business with them. As the Software Developer, you should also use this opportunity to get a feel for the Design Spread Sheet Method’s personality and management style.

If both parties use these three ideas with their business, then everyone will benefit:

  • Reasonable actions
  • Good Taste actions
  • Honest actions

6. Lack of financial privacy

Another disadvantage of the Business Relationship Agreement is a lack of privacy. 

The Business Relationship Agreement will likely stipulate that the Design Spread Sheet Method can oversee the entire financial ecosystem of the  DSSM Business Partner

DSSM Business Partners can see this lack of financial privacy as a disadvantage of owning a Business Relationship; however, it may be less of an issue if you welcome financial guidance.

The Design Spread Sheet Method has only access to:

  • The number of people who have been trained and have access to the software.
  • There is no access to company data, proposals, or financials because of the encryption security code.

Advantages for the Developer of the Software

The advantages and disadvantages of a Business Relationship Agreement don’t solely apply to the  DSSM Business Partner, of course. The Software Developer should also weigh the pros and cons before entering this business model. First, let’s explore the benefits of a Business Relationship Agreement that the Design Spread Sheet Method can enjoy.

1. Access to capital

One of the small businesses most significant barriers to expansion is the money it costs. And while there are several business loan options, they only sometimes pan out. 

Business Relationship Agreements for your business will take some time and money on your end. Still, it also has the potential to make you a lot of money in the form of Business Relationship Agreement fees.

Expanding your business as a Business Relationship allows you to grow with little debt. The company develops as DSSM Business Partner and makes capital available instead of taking on debt through loans. 

The Design Spread Sheet Method also shares minimal risk with the  DSSM Business Partner because the  DSSM Business Partner puts their name on the deed for the business’s physical location and lowers the Business Relationship’s overall liability.


2. Efficient growth

Opening the first unit of a business is costly and time-consuming. 

Opening a second unit can be almost as tricky. 

Sharing that burden with another business owner makes the process more efficient and takes the onus off the initial business owner.

When trying to grow your small business, starting a  DSSM Business Partner can make multiple opening locations a much simpler process.


3. Minimal employee supervision

One of the significant stresses of a business owner is hiring and managing employees. 

As a Design Spread Sheet Method, the only support you have to provide to the  DSSM Business Partner is training and business knowledge. 

The Design Spread Sheet Method has no hand in managing, hiring, and firing employees.

This minimal employee supervision allows the Design Spread Sheet Method to focus on the growth of the business instead of day-to-day operations. 

Instead of worrying about whether an employee shows up for their shift, the Design Spread Sheet Method is focused on the big picture for business success.


4. Increased brand awareness

One of the many benefits of a Business Relationship Agreement is increased brand awareness. 

The more locations the brand has, the more people are aware of the brand. 

And the more these customers come to know and love the brand, the more profitable and successful the brand can be. 

This increased brand awareness of a multi-location Business Relationship Agreement can be highly beneficial to the Design Spread Sheet Method and their  DSSM Business Partner—a win-win.


5. Reduced risk

One of the most significant benefits of the Design Spread Sheet Method in a Business Relationship Agreement is the ability to expand without an increase in risk. 

Because the  DSSM Business Partner takes on the debt and liability of opening a unit under the name of the  DSSM Business Partner, the Design Spread Sheet Method gets all the benefits of an additional location without taking on the risk themselves.

Additionally, the Design Spread Sheet Method is often further insulated because the  DSSM Business Partner is incorporated as a new business entity, leaving the original business owned by the Design Spread Sheet Method as a separate entity from the  DSSM Business Partner

Business Partner lawyer can help to set up the terms for this type of protection within the Business Relationship Agreement.

Disadvantages for the Developer of the Software

While franchisors receive many benefits from starting a franchise, there are also some disadvantages.

1. Loss of complete brand control

When a business owner opens an independent business, they maintain complete control over their brand and every decision that happens within the industry.

When a Design Spread Sheet Method allows a  DSSM Business Partner to open a business under their brand, they’re giving away (actually, selling) some of the control over their small business branding. 

While the Business Relationship Agreement should contain vital stipulations and rules to guide the decisions made by the  DSSM Business Partner, your  DSSM Business Partner won’t be a clone of you. 

They will think and act differently, and your brand could suffer.

2Increased potential for legal disputes

Any time you enter into a close Business Relationship Agreement with other people, you open yourself to the risk of legal disputes. 

While a well-crafted and lawyer-approved Business Relationship Agreement should limit many of the possibilities for legal disputes between the Design Spread Sheet Method and  DSSM Business Partner, these disputes are still possible.

Legal disputes can be resolved in mediation or through the court system, but the action can be costly in both time and money, which takes away from the success of the Interior Design Software Business.

3. Initial investment

While much conversation is devoted to the initial investment that a  DSSM Business Partner must make in the Interior Design Software Business, what is ignored is the initial cost and 20 years to create the course and software that is taken on by the Design Spread Sheet Method.

When a Design Spread Sheet Method starts a Business Relationship Agreement, there’s a startup cost to get the business in operation. 

Design Spread Sheet Method must ensure that the Business Relationship Agreement is written clearly and reviewed by a lawyer experienced in Business Relationship Agreement law. 

You may also hire a Business Relationship Agreement consultant for expertise during this process. 

Starting a Business Relationship Agreement requires an initial investment of both time and money on the part of the Design Spread Sheet Method.

4. Federal and state regulation

While not entirely a drawback, dealing with the federal regulations set down by the Federal Trade Commission for Business Relationship Agreements can be a nuisance for Design Spread Sheet Method. 

These regulations ensure that Business Relationship Agreements are operated professionally, but it also requires time and effort from the Design Spread Sheet Method to meet these regulations.

And while you don’t have to file your Agreement with the federal government, you do have to file with some states—and you will have to make sure you comply with different states’ laws. 

This process can be time-consuming but can be made easier with professional guidance.1

The Final Word

Like most other business decisions, starting or buying into a Business Relationship has pros and cons. It’s essential to research before choosing the proper Business Relationship for you and to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of a Business Relationship. 

You will conclude after investigating this Business opportunity that this is a good and profitable opportunity.

Agreement Plan

What is interior design?

Interior design is how we experience a home, work, public space, or room. Comfortable and functional, and attractive areas are designed at work! 

Interior decorators make the process look easy. 

They create spaces that fulfill our needs and appeal to our emotions while using skills and technical knowledge. 

Interior decorators/contractors are expected to have an excellent working knowledge of:


Enclosure elements

  • drywall
  • carpet
  • tile
  • doors
  • windows
  • fireplace
  • stairway
  • lighting
  • Architectural elements

Functional items

  • sinks
  • dishwashers
  • faucets
  • countertop
  • cabinets
  • shower
  • stool

Decorative Decor

  • flowers
  • shelving
  • desks
  • cabinet
  • plants
  • art
  • dishes
  • mirrors
  • towels


Software applications:

  • 2D computer-aided design
  • 3D computer-aided design. 

Building Issues:

  • structural requirements
  • health issues
  • safety issues 
  • building codes


Interior Decorators/Contractors have to be able to work with all people in the housing and commercial building industries: architects, craftsmen, engineers, real estate agents, inspectors, furniture dealers, and mortgage lenders. It is essential to have a very well-rounded education in many disciplines: architecture, building, graphic arts, textiles, furniture, and lighting. Education and a Design method is the best way to succeed. This course will give you the education and credentials needed to complete the requirements and get the client’s attention. Within the housing and commercial trades, there are many optional paths to travel: lighting, multi-family housing, hospitality, real estate sales, and interior design.

The ‘Design Spread Sheet’ method
is the Best Way to update any project!

Our Community

Online study is an excellent source for us, with unique opportunities to provide the students with a great deal of information beyond our design method. Before joining our company, you can find and follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can find some of our great instructional posts and student projects through these channels. Start learning new methods of design by reading some of our shared content. Once enrolled in our design method, we encourage every student to be involved in our exclusive Facebook user group. This Facebook user group is only available to current students and design method graduates, providing access to share pictures and techniques and discuss the design fundamentals and challenges in the development of interior design projects.

Our social media helps us to be educational. Still, it also strives to display the accomplishments of our decorators/contractors by highlighting their projects, providing recognition for their great ideas, and helping to share their unique designs with the world. You can follow Design Spread Sheet now and be inspired by what our designers have accomplished.

This could be YOU!

“Always plenty of people to use to discuss design ideas!”
– Denver, Colorado

This could be YOU!

“The design method is great!”
-Miami, Florida

The Tutors

Our tutors have been personally chosen for their professional success and their knowledge of the interior design/ construction/decorating decor business. The tutors who work for us are not just tutors but very successful in their field. Your tutor will help you through each of the 22 sections of the method, offering personalized and specific feedback on your submitted projects or test. If you ever have any questions concerning your studies, you need to send your tutor a message, and they will promptly reply with an answer as soon as possible. With this close mentorship, the student will feel like the tutor is sitting beside you, and all this can be accomplished from your own home. One of the most significant benefits of our design method is the close relationship with your tutor. You can gain inside information on how to develop your interior design/ contractor/staging skills from a working professional. You are welcome to gain more detailed information on any or all of our professional tutors.

Flexible Study Options

Studying online is easy with Design Spread Sheet! Our online course has been designed to fit around your lifestyle, not around ours. It is entirely self-paced, which means you choose when to study! We offer12 hour student support 9 am – 9 pm, seven days a week. Your tutor will guide you closely through each step of the design method, offering personalized and specific constructive criticism on your submitted work. If you have questions about your course or the design method, you need to send your tutor a quick message via the Design Spread Sheet website. The tutor will respond as soon as possible.

This could be YOU!

“We did this project in a couple of hours”
-Atlanta, Georgia

This could be YOU!

“My clients were very happy with my bathroom design!”
-St Louis, Missouri

Two Types of Learning Experiences


Individual learning instructions online.

The basic design styles were explained and analyzed for the student to use and create new interior spaces.

You can have a course completion completion certificate in 2 weeks id you apply yourself.


There will be real time training monthly to discover new ideas of design and staging. You join your instructor  and classmates via video for discussions and conferencing in real time.

A Guide to Methodological Approaches for interior design

A Core5Plus mindset helps interior decorators/contractors develop a design method framework that helps to improve client relationships plus more satisfactory user experiences while aligning projects with design results.

The design methods play essential, if not crucial, role in the success and consequence of goals and plans. These design methods are accurate for other home areas, such as construction, plumbing, HVAC, and home foundations.


A Core5Plus Method describes the nexus between traditional ideas and Core5Plus thinking. Traditional ideas are the method that most interior designers and other comparable entities use to recognize, plan, and complete their long-term objectives and goals. Core5Plus Mindset is a methodology that delivers a solution-based approach to unraveling problems by developing a critical relationship to each item of the enclosure, functional areas, and decorative decor.

As in sports and politics, we need a way to put an idea into action, which requires a methodology, a framework, a direction, and a way of thinking. Implementing a Core5Plus method requires a Core5Plus mindset.

What Is Core5Plus Thinking?

People tend to confuse design thinking with design planning and vice versa, and they are different.

Design planning involves gathering information and deciding the path the homeowner or project will take to achieve its goals. Design thinking consists of the homeowner and the design team consistently finding and contributing to items and activities that add to the project’s success.

To think methodology conveys seeing and understanding the bigger picture of where an item or activity needs to go and then taking action—a combined effort by everyone.

Here are a few key questions Core5Plus thinkers ask themselves:

  • What is the floor plan?
  • Will the enclosure (basic interior structure) items remain the same?
  • What and where are the functional areas?
  • What decorative decor is needed?
  • What are the focal point, essential items, Unique or usual items, and support things?
  • What is the primary design style?
  • What color scheme is needed?

When we think methodology, we focus more on floor plans, develop a better interior style, promote easier functional areas, and create decorative decor with occupants who feel more involved and eager to help.

Absent of thinking methodology, we become stagnant. We lose focus on housing needs and will not remain creative. Planning, the basis of positive outcomes, is the best method with Core5Plus thinking.

Applying Core5Plus Thinking to Core5Plus Methods

Decorators/contractors must develop a method thinking approach to working with users and other contractors on the project. By doing so, the decorator/contractors better understand space/room functional objectives and the client’s goals and can translate these needs and wants into meaningful interior design solutions.

From an interior design perspective, Core5Plus thinking encourages decorators/contractors to look at the design method as an issue-solving mechanism, beginning by identifying the issues and working with the client, the users, your team, and other contractors to solve those issues.

Implementing an interior design Core5Plus method is like, a “connecting the dots” approach.


How to Implement Core5Plus Thinking in Design

Developing and executing an approach is both art and science. A Core5Plus mindset is developed and improved with usage for interior design projects. Below is a valuable list for implementing Core5Plus thinking for interior design:

  • Discover– gather an understanding of the project in a method that includes an analysis of enclosure elements, functional areas, and decorating decor needs, then view the floor plan through the lens of the client and users.
  • Evaluate– make sense of the project regarding the enclosure elements, functional areas, decorative decor, and client’s goals. Tie the project’s completion back to the client’s objectives and show how key features and arrangements will help support those essential objectives.
  • Develop– formulate a timeline for the elements of the Core5Plus method by planning item completion dates and milestones that directly support the project objectives. 
  • Execute– act on the Core5Plus method and ensure the entire group and other contractors are included. Core5Plus thinking works best when collaboration is with everyone involved in the project.
  • Check– as tasks are accomplished using the design method, the goals, and outcomes intended should be reassessed for their effectiveness for the project.

Core5Plus thinking, for design, is a method that may seem a bit uncomfortable at first. Still, continuous use will provide a stronger bond between the client, the project, and the decorator/contractor team and show the value of the method differently.

The Benefits of Core5Plus Thinking in Interior Design Projects

What benefits do the decorator/contractor who implements a method mindset offer?

  • Efficiency– when we incorporate a method mindset to develop, projects are satisfactorily aligned with customer requirements, and their intention is fewer modifications and less wasted time and action on techniques that don’t work.

  • Collaboration– Core5Plus thinking allows the entire team to strive for a shared goal, which implies working together with the client, team members, and other contractors instead of devising a shortsighted view of the outcome and working separately.

  • Better relationships– a Core5Plus team leader will likely involve Core5Plus thinking if the client communicates the same Mindset. The resulting method will be in closer agreement with clients’ objectives, and stronger connections will be facilitated due to Core5Plus thinking’s cohesive nature.

  • Longevity – Core5Plus thinking can foster a design method that will direct to additional projects, recommendations, and lasting relationships with the client.

An Example of Strategic Thinking in Design

At first, the concept of method thinking will seem at odds with traditional practice. It might even appear that a more acceptable design method is to adhere to the “tried and true” methodologies that have consistently been used. But Core5Plus thinking can be developed for interior design without renouncing what is customary.


Here’s an example:

A client approaches a designer saying they need a new kitchen because the current one is outdated and isn’t functioning well. The client uses expressions like “we were looking for something fresh” and “it requires to be stylish and modern or contemporary.”

The designer agrees to a refresh of the space/room. The project moves along, beginning with a common questionnaire for the client. Once the document comes back, user analysis is started, asking about: (the floor plan, the number of people in the family, etc.), and the team proceeds with the project.

The designer does the typical “back-and-forth” manner of designing, making multiple design ideas until they achieve something satisfactory to the client.

But what occurs when the design team utilizes Core5Plus thinking to approach the same project?

The decorator/contractor performs with the team to evaluate what the client has requested, then consider any current limitations they may have (time, money, schedule, experienced labor, etc.), and then decide to move forward with the project.

Rather than sending out a common questionnaire, the team collaborates with the client’s requested requirements. 


They ask more purposeful questions, such as:

  • What is the floor plan?
  • Will the enclosure (basic interior structure) items remain the same? 
  • What and where are the functional areas?
  • What decorative decor is needed?
  • What are the focal point, important items, Unique or usual items, and support items?
  • What is the primary design style?
  • What color scheme is needed?


The team determines and chooses precise tasks from this dialogue to achieve the client’s design requirements. They also decide on how to calculate the results.

The project focuses on the duties and purposes of defining successful outcomes. Each action in the design method is accomplished with a mindful eye on these purposes.

By creating a Core5Plus design method and establishing a tactical approach, we evolved more like consultants, functioning with the client to uncover the problem that requires to be unraveled. Rather than approaching the Core5Plus design method thinking solely about deliverables or items to sell to the client, the Color5Plus decorator/contractor considers residential objectives and outcomes (both our needs and the client’s).

Comprehending the client’s actual problem and approaching it in a practical, methodological way will provide an exceptional result.

Improving Core5Plus Thinking In Design

Core5Plus thinking enhances with practice. Here are some recommendations to stay alert and knowledgeable:

Alert – observe residential ideas and items, then look for trends around those elements. Practice seeing the larger vision and why it’s vital to the client. Be aware of issues presented throughout the Core5Plus design method, then share these issues with all team members.

 Intelligent Questions – questions are the vocabulary of the methodology. As a method thinking decorator/contractor, present more questions to all project members and then listen constantly. Become inquisitive and ask intelligent questions of the client, the team, and the Core5Plus methods. 

Talk methodological – an excellent suggestion is to start structuring verbal and written communication with methodical language to keep the project members focused on the enclosure, functional, and decorative decor on the Core5Plus method structure.

Emphasis on Issues – we are all experts in multitasking. We try to attend every meeting and be present for every event. A better solution is to plan your time accordingly and focus on Core5plus issues, not people. We should focus on the Core5Plus objectives to ensure we are executing correctly.



Executing successful Core5Plus methods requires a Core5Plus thinking mindset that allows us to concentrate more on issue-solving, execution, and better focus on project goals.

Frequently asked questions

The design method is created to be self-paced. Typically, you would expect you and studying and practice as much as possible. However, many people take 1-2 weeks to complete the course, but they could also take a month because of family or work commitments.

Your tutor can be contacted at any time through our secure student site once you gain access to this method. Provide feedback on your assignments. If you have any query courses, they can answer them.

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“The template provides great ideas for color ideas!”
-Phoenix, New Mexico

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“I just used this method to design the whole house!”
-San Diego, California

Frequently asked questions

No. We have an all-online course. Attend at all. You are on your learning time, of course, and at your own pace.

No. Students with experience in interior design can use and do well with this course.

This course is provided online flexibility / You can start when it suits you; you have that flexibility. You could start right away if —————

Frequently asked questions

You can purchase the course on monthly payments over the term of 24 months.

Yes. You can talk with our Facebook group has active members. Other like-minded decorators/contractors can connect with you then you can discuss the course and many different things.

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“Easy to use with multiple people involved!!”
-Des Moines, Iowa

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“Best program to use!”
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Application Requirements

1. Name and address, and photo

2. US ID or other country ID

3. Personal email

4. Flexible Plans:

  • Paid-in Full
  • 6 monthly payments
  • 24monthly payments

What kind of MONEY can you make with this Design Spread Sheet certification?

Working as an employee:

Working as an employee, selling and designing projects, you can usually, or generally, for designers and salespeople. Still, it’s up to your skills and desire; you can be paid: ——$60,000 -$90,000 yearly.

Course cost:

Paid-in-Full: $199; plus Access to forms: $100.00


Financed: 4 Monthly installments; plus Access to forms: $100.00


Financed: 20 Monthly installments; plus Access to forms: $100.00

This could be YOU!

“It’s a lot of work, but we can do it with this design method!”
-Tulsa, Oklahoma

List your business as a Certified Design Spread Sheet Studio, a Certified Spread Sheet Design Store, a Certified Design Spread Sheet Decorator, or a Certified Design Spread Sheet Contractor.

Working as an owner or partner, then selling or designing projects, we are predicting, but it’s up to your skills and desire, $90,000 – $120,000 a year:

Course cost when Paid-in-Full: $199;

Access to forms: $100.00 monthly 

To be a Certified Studio, Store, or Contractor:

  1. One of the owners or partners must have passed the certified member training plus test and received a certificate of course completion with a paid-in-full receipt.
  2. Request a Business listing on “” for the business
  3. Monthly access to the forms of $100.00 monthly
  4. Be in good standing with Design Spread Sheet, LLC.
  5. Each employee must be certified that uses the design forms.

This could be YOU!

“My clients really like the design proposal!”
-Los Vegas, Nevada

This could be YOU!

“So easy to make changes with this method!”
-Austin, Texas

Certified Interior Design Decorator/ Contractor Sales Person:

(commission rate can be changed at any time)

Paid Based on the Course cost: $199 per individual

Sell the training program course and test for Certification.

Commission of 25%….$49.75 … for PAID-IN-FULL courses. 

Commission of 25% of months paid-in from customer….MONTHLY pay courses

Split-Commission of 12.5% for paid-in-full courses.

and any other member who wants to split the commission for the sales.

Split-Commission of 12.5% for paid-in from the customer for MONTHLY pay course

Attended St Peter and Paul High School in Seneca, Kansas

Attended college at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

He started selling carpets in Topeka, Kansas, for a retail store

Then traveled to a carpet mill selling to flooring dealers

Obtained Real estate license – Kansas and Missouri

He returned to college in Manhattan, Kansas, to get a Business Accounting degree from Kansas State University. He started a flooring, painting, and wallpaper business while in college.

After college, he moved to Fairway, Kansas, and continued selling flooring, remodeling, and real estate in the Kansas City area.

Then moved on to Prairie Village, Lenexa, and presently live in Olathe, Kansas.

Owned, managed, and did all the repairs and remodeling for 24 rental units in Johnson County.

We have five children: Brian, Cheryl, Lisa, Kevin, Mark, and seven grandchildren.

Activities – Coached the kids in soccer, basketball, baseball, and track. Boy Scout leader.

Spouse – Margaret married for 50 years


Boyd Wichman

Born and raised in Seneca, Kansas


Margaret Leary Wichman

Born and raised in Mission, Kansas

Attended Bishop Miege High School in Roeland Park, Kansas

Attended Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Obtained Real estate license – Kansas and Missouri

She moved to Fairway, Kansas, and continued selling flooring, remodeling, and real estate in the Kansas City area.

Then moved on to Prairie Village, Lenexa, and presently live in Olathe, Kansas.

Owned and managed daily activities for 24 rental units in Johnson County.

We have five children: Brian, Cheryl, Lisa, Kevin, Mark, and seven grandchildren.

Activities – Many Church committees, School PTA, and committees

Spouse – Boyd married 50 years


Home Design Styles

Four Basic interior designs are the basis for all other styles. Use the styles with another style in a 70/30 ratio. Or any different style ratios. All main styles are explained so you can easily understand each style.


This design method is the basis for all the projects.

There is software to create one project with one or four ideas fully explained to the user.

Design Spread Sheet Software

There is software to create one project with one idea or create a project with four different ideas fully explained to the user to help promote the use of the ‘Design Spreads Sheet’ method

Using the affiliate membership program, you can quickly help to encourage the usage of 

 the ‘Design Spreadsheet’ method. The program is very economically rewarding for 

 your participation.

The Offer

Here’s what you get:

1. Training and Certification

Course Training:

  • Overview
  • Main thought
  • Core5Plus
  • 12 Principles
  • Floor Plan
  • Floor Plan Pictures
  • Basic Design Style
  • Design Approaches
  • Guidelines
  • Color Solutions
  • Item Information
  • Basic Spaces
  • Project Game Changers
  • Design Triangle
  • Core5Plus
  • Core5plus 4 Approaches
  • Functionality
  • Floor Plan and Planning
  • Principles
  • Focal Point
  • Accessories
  • Decorating
  • Patterns and Prints
  • Color
  • Nature Inspired
  • Space Layout
  • Design Trends

This could be YOU!

“I can’t wait to start my next project!”

Boston, Massachusetts

2. Jobs


Find employment with an employer on your own 

 or we help you find work with one of the Certified Businesses using our “Design Spread Sheet’ method.


Start your own Certified ‘Design Spread Sheet’ method business as a studio, remodeling company, or store. Or Join a Certified ‘Design Spread Sheet’ business as you would work as a Subcontractor using their facilities.

This could be YOU!

“The staging ideas really help!”

Houston, Texas

3. Promoting the 'Design Spread Sheet' method

(commission rate can be changed at any time)

Join the ‘Design Spread Sheet’ method affiliate program; Then, you will be paid a commission from any sales you create and close.

You can slit the commission you choose with another person/ company.

(You must first signup as a student to take the course, then you can signup as an affiliate.)

This could be YOU!

“The design method provides great ideas for each room!”

Seattle, Washington

Failure for the client:

Online programs can cost $1,000 – 2,500.

2-year College Associate degrees can $6,000 – $50,000 and a 4-year college can cost $12,000-$200,000. They teach only the basics of design.

30 days -1 year for online, two years for an associate degree, and four years for a Bachelor’s degree

No housing costs or travel expenses live in your house or apartment. Or spend $12,000-$30,000 per year at school.

Having to use many different applications to complete the project: Word, Excel, Quickbooks, but, No design method

Success for the client:

Design Spread Sheet costs $199 if paid up front or pay in installments for 4 months or 20 months. Business Members costs $3,500 upfront. We teach the fundamentals and provide a complete design method with all the forms.

Design Spread Sheet method is inexpensive if you consider the time it takes to get another certificate to start developing interior design projects. This program is easy the learn and use professionally. Usually, a two-week minimum training time to complete your certification, but you have up to a year to complete the certification process.

No housing or travel expenses live in your house or apartment.

Design Spread Sheet has a complete design method for all the latest home styles. And easy to use and understand. We show how the whole design method comes together in one entire project: the enclosure items, the functional activity areas and decorating decor for those areas.

Design Spread Sheet has completed projects to help you complete and understand the total design project. 

Design Spread Sheet has all the applications in the design project, and you can use all or just the design method.

A complete, ready-to-go interior design method ready to start your first project.

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